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Heavyweight Belting

When you need to transport heavy, sharp, or high-temperature items, count on our heavy duty belts to get the job done.

Heavy, Sharp, or High-Temperature Items Don’t Stand a Chance Against Our Heavy Duty Conveyor Belts

A-L-M provides high-quality heavy duty, heat, and tear-resistant conveyor belts for use in many different industries where a more substantial product is necessary to help you get the job done. Our conveyor belts come in various types and materials including rubber, PVC, urethane, RMV, Teflon, metal belt, and more. Our knowledgeable staff can help you discover the best heavy duty belting to make your plant, mine, or facility safer and more productive.

Iron Ore Mining And Processing At Metalloinvest Holding Co.'s Lebedinsky GOK Open Pit Mine
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Abrasion and Wear Resistant Sheet Rubber

Abrasion and wear-resistant natural rubber are ideal for the mining, cement, forestry, and aggregate industries where repeated impacts can damage vital equipment. One of our signature products is DuraShield® by American Biltrite which protects against impact, corrosion, wear, tear, noise, vibration, and abrasion resistance.

Food Grade or FDA Compliant Heavy Duty Belting

American Biltrite also offers FDA-compliant materials that are suitable for use in food processing where food comes into contact with indirect food additive surfaces which are not meant to be added to the food. These materials are formulated for safety when used in the food processing industry and come in four polymers including Neoprene / Polychloroprene, Natural Rubber, Nitrile, and Ethylene Propylene Diene. If you need to meet 3A Sanitary Standards, their Nitrilte product AB-366 ensures a safe processing option for food and dairy.


Looking for Heavy Duty Belt Accessories

In addition to heavy duty conveyor belts, we also supply, and repair accessories needed to keep them and your business running smoothly. We offer several accessories including idlers, fasteners, skirting systems, impact beds, pulleys, buckets (in metal, plastic, or nylon), belt cleaning systems, and belt positioners, trackers, and trainers.

Industry Specific Heavy Duty Belting

  • Heavy Duty Conveyor & Elevator Belting
  • Power Transmission Belting
  • Transfer Belts
  • Waste Processing & Recycling Belting
  • High Temperature Resistant Belting
  • Custom Urethane Belting
  • Forestry Belting
  • Heavy Duty Cleated Belting
  • Street Sweeper Belting
  • Agricultural Belting
  • Construction Grade Belting
  • Thermoplastic Lightweight Belting
  • Quarry & Aggregate Duty Belting
  • Magnetic Seperator Belt
  • Food Grade Belting
  • Sidewall Belting
  • V Belting
  • Power Turn Belting & Sidewalls
  • Air Permeable Fabric Belting
  • Feeder Belts
  • Mining Grade Belting
Iron Ore Mining And Processing At Metalloinvest Holding Co.'s Lebedinsky GOK Open Pit Mine
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